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Masker Singer Competition ❗️ Cancelled ❗️

We regret to inform you that the 2022 Masked Singer Competition at the Toronto Korean Festival has been cancelled. This means we will no longer be collecting applications and will no longer have the live completion on August 27th, 2022.

We apologize to the attendees that were excited to see it this year (we were excited too) as well as those who have started to film/already filmed their audition.

We will still have the K-Pop Dance Competition, many other performances, special events, vendor booths, and much more!

TKF20 virtual masked singer appreciation

Pink Ghost "Rose"
Suffice "Always"
Psyche "Back In Time"
Catwomen "Price Tag"
Highschool Graduate "Square"
BlueBlack "Haze"
우주대스타 "For You"
N/A "Keshi"
Bling Bling Cat  "Memory"
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